Pedagogy and Access

As part of my research (graduate program in pedagogy), I carried out a storytelling project by collecting testimonies relating post-secondary study experiences of people with so-called particular challenges (people from neurodiversity or neurodivergence; with a disability; from D/Deaf communities; with an intellectual disability; with a visual impairment; with mental health issues.)

The goal being to raise awareness among future teachers about ableism and the experiences of students, these testimonies were shared with two groups of future teachers at CEGEP and university.

Through this project, I wanted to offer spaces for expression with a view to improving access to dignified and fair educational contexts, services and relationships for all.

Here is an open access zine that I created for educators: print, fold and share… while citing the credit “by Marie Samuel” [FRENCH ONLY]


Duplex printing. 8.5 x 11 format sheets

Folding: Fold the sheet 3 times on itself. Make an incision in the center half the length of the paper.