Indigenous Zines List

The practice of the zine among contemporary indigenous artists in North America positions the collective as inseparable from a practice that connects, heals and tells stories. Whether it is a question of creating together a collective zine based on the pooling of theories and reflections as is the case for Beading as Medicine, or of making an individual autobiographical story like that of Raven Cameron, the fact of making with your hands and the means at hand, instantly or even urgently, and distributing it yourself in your community is a radical gesture of sharing plural words. These multiple micro-narratives have the power to disseminate new forms of creation to update stories, knowledge and theory while preventing them from becoming rigid. Because knowledge passed from hand to hand and living knowledge.

Here is a non-exhaustive and evolving list of indigenous artists and collectives practicing zines:

Zines available for consultation at Artexte (if you have the means, several are also available for purchase online):

Collectives and artists who are not in libraries but whose zines are, for the most part, available for purchase online: