Towards an Intangible Heritage of Small Talk

As part of a six-month residency at DAÏMON Production Centre, I led a project transposing zine co-creation sessions into an intangible heritage of small talk entitled Towards an Intangible Heritage of Small Talk.

Activating archives and discourses developed during my small talk sessions and co-creation of zines, the project explored in this residency the notion of intangible heritage, following an audio approach to storytelling supported by the multiplicity and the micro-narrative. Having accumulated more than 500 zines created during these sessions, I am considering both the audio exploration of the stories, but also intends to spatialize sound recordings in a web form and an installation form. At the end of this residency, this transposition should be available in a virtual space and in a real space, both allowing wandering and offering the public the posture of an active witness.