The Little Manifesto for a Methodology of Archive Editing as a Tool for Repair states the following:

I The choice of images to edit and display relies on good care and small gestures. Good care is given to archival images. The daily application of good care in invisible small gestures influences daily life and practice. Because art permeates life, not the other way around.

II Archive editing is a tool for repair. Narrating and rewriting a story can repair and bring justice, following trauma.

III The editing sequence is an opening, a zone of ambiguity that the artist fills with the unconscious. A construction site for repair.

IV Archive editing is an act of friendship. Friendship is a collaborative bond based on benevolence. It enables the artist to acquire knowledge: the knowledge of good care, the knowledge of dialogue, the knowledge of justice and repair, the knowledge of chatter, the knowledge of history, the knowledge of renewal.