Place Courage

As Curator from 2022 to 2024, at the NTS Centre for Arts et Social Innovation, a reasearch-creation centre, I curated exhibitions ; participated in the creation of research-creation laboratories; and create immersive installations.

In March 2024, Maude Levasseur and I left the NTS and started our collective Place Courage.

At Place Courage, we offer a voice to speak out, break isolation and heal. We bring more justice, beauty and clarity to the world. Our innovative approach through art aims to create new models and break cycles of violence and exclusion, while promoting action and the redistribution of power. Our work inspires connection, authentic relationships, self-determination, self-confidence, joy, enchantment and empowerment. We encourage pride and reduce shame.

Some of our projects

Lost Food Table Details here

Public installation in support of the Truth process (Orange Shirt Day September 30, 2023). We set up a sound and poetic march that highlighted the fundamental nature of indigenous languages ​​rooted in the territories and the urgency of protecting them.

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Installation publique en soutien au processus de Vérité (Journée Vérité et réconciliation Orange Shirt Day 30 septembre 2023). We covered the hall of the National Monument and the Hall of the National Theatre School of Canada with the 94 calls for action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to raise awareness among citizens of the lack of commitment and progress of from governments and society following these calls.

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Curator of a creative research laboratory on video games as a vector for social change.

Can video games, like theatre, help develop well-being? How can it be a tool to get humans to feel empathy, to share, to create connections, to care for each other and the environment? In theatre as in video games: we create, we write, we direct, we design, we play and we watch.

As part of the “Watch the sun until it becomes a square” evening, NTS’s Centre en arts et innovation sociale held a round table discussion on the positive potential of representation, scenography and dramaturgy in video game creation. Creator-researchers contributed their views on the strategies and emotions at work in the sequence of engaged creative experiences leading to video games as a vehicle for well-being. Speakers :Julie-Michèle Morin, Sébastien Berton, Dahlia Jiwan, Pamela Fillion et lamathilde

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*The title of the evening’s tribute is taken from the collection Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings by artist Yoko Ono and evokes an invitation to perceive, think and act differently.

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