Being together and collaborating allows me to envisage situations rather than presentations. As a small-talker, I quickly get tire. What the talker is looking for is a steady stream of words. She wants to get close to someone discreetly, to talk to them in confidence, to tell them hundreds of little stories and listen to hundreds more. The small-talker wants us to read between the lines, and seeks protection through solidarity. I seek to live through art, not for art. I build places where a multitude of little stories can hold, be held and be stretched.

Collaborative small-talk spaces are living spaces that captures the many possible connections based on cooperation, empathy and trust, following a methodology where artistic practice runs through life and participation, not the other way around. Participants are neither voyeurs nor guinea pigs: we are equals in this space, and it is the context of artistic practice that will make us create objects or discourses together.

Dans un grand d'atelier espace blanc, un homme dans la cinquantaine et une femme dans la trentaine (Marie Samuel)  trempent chacun une louche dans de gros chaudrons remplis de soupe, posés sur une grande table. Sur la table se trouve des bols, cuillères et du pain.
Photo : Manoushka Larouche